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Prošek Dioklecijan, 1 l

Prošek Dioklecijan is a traditional Dalmatian genuine dessert wine, made from dried wine grapes of the best varieties. It can be served for any occasion, but tastes best with desserts. Since ancient times it has been customary for people in Dalmatia to prepare a drink by adding half a glass of Prošek into one egg yolk well beaten with sugar. Taken as the first nutrient of the day, it is believed to help strengthen the body. Legend has it that the Roman Emperor Diocletian enjoyed Prošek after having left his imperial office in 305 and living out his retirement in his palace in Split. Prošek Dioklecijan is characterized as the optimal blend of the best specialty wines and it is for this reason that this noble and pleasant beverage is highly respected. (


Hektor is a type of wine produced with the same technology that is used in making Port. A partially fermented red wine Hektor is mixed with the distillate of last year's Plavac, which stops the fermentation so that the resulting mixture is both strong and sweet (containing 35 – 49 g/l of residual sugar). The wine ages in oak barrels. (

Prošek Hectorovich

Prošek is an authentic Croatian dessert wine, made using dried grapes of the finest indigenous Dalmatian varieties. Although because of its similar name it often gets mixed up with Prosecco (Italian sparkling wines), Prošek comes from the coastal region of Dalmatia, which is still the only place where it is made.
Prošek Hectorovich was named after Petar Hektorović, a great poet, hedonist and nobleman from the island of Hvar. (
Acknowledgements: Gold medal for bottle and label design Sabatina 1998, Gold Medal Vinovita 1999, Gold Medal Vinovita 2000, Gold Medal Sabatina 2003, Gold Medal Vinovita 2005, Grand Gold Medal Gast 2005